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Therapy in English

Welcome to Min psykolog.


At Min psykolog ("My psychologist"), you will find a sophisticated, modern and friendly framework of psychotherapy, available in English.

The treatment usually takes place as conversations between client and therapist. The client is asked to prepare for a process of personal change in thinking and in perceiving feelings. This process is mainly focussed on assisting the client in changing his or her particular way of perceiving thoughts, feelings and experiences.

The therapy usually also includes elements of exposure therapy, psychoeducation and role plays, given that the client feels comfortable in these situations.

The treatment particularly emphasizes on the affective and emotional awareness of the client.


Each consultation for individuals lasts 45 minutes and costs 1,200 NOK (approximately € 120). Each consultation for couples lasts 45 minutes and costs 1,500 NOK.


Simply call me at +47 92 29 92 98, or send me an email at

Postadresse: Min psykolog - Harald Bull-Hanssen, Kolsåslia 28 B, 1352 KOLSÅS - 991 165 479